UAC - Field unit - Site Local Control Units

Site installation consists of:

- positioning precabled and tested cubicles.
- set up parameters on the plc's:
   - checking control and safety valves.
   - checking safety interlocks: earth connection, 'dead man's' valve, overflow contact,...
   - checking storage tank level and temperature gauges.
   - pump control.
- set up parameters on local units which:
   - receive safety interlock data.
   - control the TLB 2000's.
   - control additive injection computers (Lubrizol, Gate Pack,...).
   - receive metering data (turbine, dp meters - Bristol MECI, Alma,...).
- installation and connection of the TLB 2000:
   - input barrier.
   - exit barrier.
   - loading bays.
   - office terminal(s).
- supervise cabling of the installation.
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