This is a chip (or 'smart') card reader terminal.
It has a graphic interface approved for hazardous area use.
It is installed at the entry barrier, exit barrier, loading bay, and as an office terminal.

The TLB-2000 consists of:

- a security card reader for access control and identification of the driver and truck.
- a display which:
   - gives instructions to the driver.
   - displays alarms which the driver can acknowledge.
   - allows a full text display of the load schedules (products, volumes...).
- a keypad which allows:
   - input of the authorisation code.
   - input of the product distribution per compartment.
   - acknowledgement of alarms.
- a card recovery system (for spot or single visit use).


- Download PDF file : TLB-2000 datasheet (french version)

TLB-2000 is ATEX approved.
- Download PDF file : LCIE-03-ATEX-6115-X certificate (WARNING : Please wait for download time ...)


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