The advantage of an integrated system

EIP offers a complete, modular system, for the automation of the depot and for the depot management.
The system is adapted to operate in conjunction with various types of flow computer, additive injection system, plc's. It is open and can communicate with other applications (such as Customs, Central Control Systems,...).
The EIP group includes both design and engineering teams and installation groups, which guarantees a system truly adapted to the specialised job of petroleum product distribution.

An Open System:
The choice of a standard data base (Oracle or InterBase) allows EFC-NT to give access to all data, via an ODBC driver, to allow use in other applications.
The data printouts can easily be amended to suit the internal needs within the company.
The data, either consolidated or specific details, can be exported by EFC-NT towards other applications.

Protected data access:
Each option in the EFC-NT menu is protected by a security level.
A security card with sufficient authorisation must be entered to allow access to each option.
This data protection can be adjusted, option by option.

Improved profitability:
The final objective of automation is to reduce the cost per cubic meter of product delivered.

This is achieved by:
- reduced waiting time.
- reduced invoicing time.
- reduced maintenance downtime.
- better leak detection.
- better protection against fraud.
- improved customer satisfaction.
Oil Terminal (overview) from the Loading Bay -  Oil Terminal (overview) of the Supervisory Computer