Depots equipped with the integrated EFC system handle loading of more than 50 million litres per day of petroleum products, to within a litre.
EIP has equipped more than 25 depots in France and abroad, for both the big oil companies such as Total Fina Elf and Shell and for independent companies (Picoty, RM-DPC... in France).

Safe and reliable installations
Intrinsic safety is a speciality of EIP.
The equipment provided is approved for use in explosive atmospheres by the national Electrical Test Laboratory (LCIE).

Efficiency based on PROXIMITY
Site maintenance is carried out by IEE.71 teams.
Remote diagnostics, provided by EFT, permits remote intervention for the software.
Our teams are available to study the specific nature of your installation and to carry out your needs in modifications and updates.

A reasonable investment
From the self service loading bay to a complete depot, the system offered by EFC is modular, and the investment is adapted to your financial capability.
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