EFC - NT is the depot supervisory software

Developed under Windows NT is ensures:
- communication of loads to the islands (via UAC).
- return of load reports from the islands.
- print out of end of day load reports in volume and also corrected to 15 deg C.
- control of loads both regarding volume and products.
- island supervision.
- alarm handling.
- interruption of loading by the operator.
- control of the entry and exit barriers connected to the respective card reader terminals (possibility of blocking a truck).
- product management (type and additive requirement).
- product substitution for commercial opportunity.
- stock control.
- management and surveillance of the product storage tanks.
- leak detection.
- customer management.
- quota management per customer and group of customers.
- overload control of the trucks.
- control of driver authorisation (APTH licence).
- management of self service bays when the operator is absent.
- tracability of all operations through an event printer and 'black box' archive.
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