Oil terminal automation : Main objectives

EIP proposes an integrated terminal automation system: EFC: Electronic Flow Control
EFC allows the flow of information from the loading island to the oil
company central control system.

1 - Increased Efficiency
    Faster loading.
    Overall loading volumes of the depot increased.
    Reduction in labour costs.

2 - Surveillance
    The fight against fraud is facilitated by automation,
    which ensures:

      Access control.
      Identification of the driver at the loading gantry.
      Control of amounts actually delivered against
      predetermined loads.

3 - Quantity Control
    Real time measurement of the quantity allowing
    leaks and fraud to be minimised.
    Direct surveillance of the movement of
    each product for an efficient control over losses.
    Quick and precise billing.

4 - Security
    Automation makes the depot safer as
    it eliminates dangerous actions.
    (earth connection control, loading arm position control , emergency stop, overflow, presence of gas,...).
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