EFC offer is built around the following elements:

Seal Parcel Delivery System
EIP proposes a complete DTMQ (Metrological Device for Transferring Measured Quantities) associated to bottom loading measuring systems. Complies with WELMEC 10.2 and european CEN/TC 296/WG8 standard.


Oil Terminal
EIP proposes an integrated terminal automation system, which is going from The Loading Bay, to the Supervisory Computer and to the Central Control System.


Access terminal
Automatic input and output identity control for trucks and drivers.
RFID and biometry technology.


EFC-NT is the depot supervisory software.
Developed under Windows NT, it is in charge of island supervision, security , quantity control...


EFR is a communications interface, in charge of receiving preset loads and to send back load reports.
The centrally generated loading plans produced by the oil company (SAP/R3 or other) are immediately retransmitted to the EFC-NT database.


TLA8 controler & Blendtech injectors




Grounding device


FIFO is the Windows NT software which manages the queuing system.


UAC 2000
Field unit - Site Local Control Units.


TLB 2000
This is a chip (or 'smart') card reader terminal., with a graphic interface approved for hazardous area use.
It is installed at the entry barrier, exit barrier, loading bay, and as an office terminal.
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